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List of importers for the selected service

Service: 9.2.1 - Computer services, Software

Unit : US Dollar thousand
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EBOPSImportersImported value in 2018Imported value in 2019Imported value in 2020Imported value in 2021Imported value in 2022sortOrderDESC
United States of America 12,399,00011,342,0007,812,0009,755,00011,499,000
Austria 1,189,2211,700,4821,977,1412,315,806 
Bulgaria 96,548111,837115,434156,343 
Croatia 206,785214,715242,146275,933 
Czech Republic 324,690359,322494,558566,304 
Finland 922,3251,024,3191,290,6821,616,806 
Germany 10,897,84812,866,121   
Israel 1,651,3001,755,200   
Korea, Republic of 340,600299,100699,9001,265,300 
Lithuania 210,092228,037187,663272,740 
New Zealand 665,400713,600844,4001,217,600 
Poland 1,629,1021,706,7833,111,787  
Romania    2,453,643 
Source: ITC, UNCTAD, WTO trade in services database based on Eurostat, International Monetary Fund, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and relevant national statistical authorities statistics until 2020.
UNCTAD-WTO and relevant national statistical authorities statistics since 2021.
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