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List of importers for the selected product

Product: 9113 Pulseras para reloj y sus partes

Unit : Dólar Americano thousand
Time Period (number of columns) :  
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HS4Importersimported value in 2017imported value in 2018imported value in 2019imported value in 2020imported value in 2021sortOrderDESC
Mundo 2,005,2032,185,2652,137,0781,577,7192,152,010
Suiza 634,230744,853689,047463,214625,262
Hong Kong, China 293,658299,119282,486182,288257,627
Estados Unidos de América 147,916136,573154,386158,025237,863
Francia 129,951152,376159,027113,616145,326
China 225,224176,142171,563105,777115,789
Japón 99,337106,936112,66887,16584,809
Reino Unido 36,30876,41141,25623,04069,005
Alemania 62,72063,77667,11259,03763,714
Tailandia 37,84148,93555,63949,32360,590
Viet Nam 14,08311,39121,88628,46650,157
Corea, República de 16,44920,96118,02420,95541,134
Países Bajos 20,17720,28221,25415,43133,175
Taipei Chino 23,27923,32829,04222,42532,845
Brasil 30,12431,78732,37018,69626,130
Italia 28,25338,38029,43122,47225,495
Filipinas 3,2212,1305,73911,94020,695
Singapur 19,90621,04120,55818,73719,814
Australia 9,1029,44810,03013,76818,096
India 16,62322,38923,28112,30816,693
Portugal 6,32811,4217,3006,11814,541
Macao, China  13,28011,0225,34512,148
Emiratos Árabes Unidos 12,35412,68127,44010,43512,023
Polonia 3,0474,3515,3686,47111,985
Austria 12,03411,46211,4047,58211,450
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE and ITC statistics.
The world aggregation represents the sum of reporting and non reporting countries
Data based on the partner reported data (Mirror data) are shown in orange
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