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List of importers for the selected service

Service: 6.1.1 - Life insurance

Unit : US Dollar thousand
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EBOPSImportersImported value in 2018Imported value in 2019Imported value in 2020Imported value in 2021Imported value in 2022sortOrderDESC
Austria 226,743209,342214,733224,721 
Belgium 1,1811,1191,1421,183 
Cyprus    3,785 
Czech Republic 118    
Denmark 118112114355 
Finland 92,11470,527105,08294,619 
France 283,42942,54037,69263,868 
Germany 157,067113,06798,229140,746 
Greece 355,113322,073388,918480,784 
Hong Kong, China 11,73712,50712,24739,752 
Hungary 6,1375,5962,1672,720 
Ireland 3,470,8253,265,5073,559,0834,047,337 
Italy 496,355442,752544,142560,855 
Netherlands 5905601,028946 
Poland 2,2422,9103,076827 
Russian Federation 37,00042,600   
Slovakia 28,225112   
Slovenia 118112114118 
Sweden 10,0319,0689,2218,873 
United Kingdom 8,0051,2765,1281,375 
Source: ITC, UNCTAD, WTO trade in services database based on Eurostat, International Monetary Fund, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and relevant national statistical authorities statistics until 2020.
UNCTAD-WTO and relevant national statistical authorities statistics since 2021.
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