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List of supplying markets for the product imported by Ukraine in 2018Metadata

Product: TOTAL All products

Ukraine's imports represent 0.3% of world imports for this product, its ranking in world imports is 49
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Value imported in 2018 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2018 (USD thousand)Share in Ukraine's imports (%)Growth in imported value between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Growth in imported value between 2017-2018 (%, p.a.)Ranking of partner countries in world exportsShare of partner countries in world exports (%)Total exports growth in value of partner countries between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Average distance between partner countries and all their importing markets (km)Concentration of all importing countries of partner countriesAverage tariff (estimated) applied by Ukraine (%)
World 56,837,738-9,464,297100415 1001
Russian Federation 8,091,258-4,431,35314.2-912142.3-23,4850.05
China 7,599,717-5,394,30013.4113511316,5730.07
Germany 5,932,112-3,722,87010.451438.123,1140.04
Belarus 3,787,594-2,481,6976.7218620.2-11,8170.18
Poland 3,582,137-322,8026.377221.451,5150.1
United States of America 2,967,323-1,853,8905.2152028.716,5520.07
Italy 2,025,558605,9843.6122592.823,1380.05
Turkey 1,714,139638,58431036310.922,9970.03
Switzerland 1,554,954-1,446,2522.741-6191.604,5950.07
France 1,477,689-936,9942.69-18313,1080.06
Hungary 1,234,441411,9102.2-79340.741,4920.1
Czech Republic 1,035,674-157,2831.81524271.141,2680.13
Lithuania 877,529-534,5471.5-130630.221,8220.06
United Kingdom 835,010-250,1761.577102.5-13,8600.05
Netherlands 776,478822,5081.442253.832,0430.08
Japan 737,485-505,1781.310543.825,9680.09
Spain 629,007742,2991.139161.822,8680.06
India 616,4381,562,2211.1110181.716,3790.05
Austria 585,192-31,911122128122,0590.11
Belgium 553,55749,414147112.412,0640.08
Slovakia 529,440335,2670.984390.531,3090.09
Romania 510,987423,0980.9-612410.441,7360.08
Sweden 465,337-395,1400.899330.912,6760.05
Azerbaijan 464,628-104,5060.810911710.1-53,8660.13
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE statistics.
The quantities shown in light green are estimated by UNSD. For further information, please refer to the UNSD explanatory note.
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