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List of importing markets for the product exported by Argentina in 2020Metadata

Product: 0409 Natural honey

Argentina's exports represent 7.6% of world exports for this product, its ranking in world exports is 3
The average distance of importing countries is 10327 km and the export concentration is 0.34
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Bilateral trade at 4-digitImporters
Value exported in 2020 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2020 (USD thousand)Share in Argentina's exports (%)Quantity exported in 2020Quantity unitUnit value (USD/unit)Growth in exported value between 2016-2020 (%, p.a.)Growth in exported quantity between 2016-2020 (%, p.a.)Growth in exported value between 2019-2020 (%, p.a.)Ranking of partner countries in world importsShare of partner countries in world imports (%)Total imports growth in value of partner countries between 2016-2020 (%, p.a.)Average distance between partner countries and all their supplying markets (km)Concentration of all supplying countries of partner countriesAverage tariff (estimated) faced by Argentina (%)
World 170,242170,21110071,543Tons2,380-2-316 1001
United States of America 89,30289,30252.538,865Tons2,2984312119.8-29,9910.130.5
Germany 36,02636,02621.214,503Tons2,484-10-963212.3-26,3560.0717.3
Area Nes 17,12217,12210.17,138Tons2,399  271     
Japan 11,74011,7406.94,395Tons2,67121-837.826,7620.2625.5
Belgium 4,9544,9542.92,119Tons2,3380-1-34121.8-23,8310.1417.3
France 4,9504,9502.91,977Tons2,504-8-13-2245.8-13,4480.117.3
Italy 3,7023,7022.21,507Tons2,457-11-13-1683.731,9870.2717.3
Spain 1,2331,2020.7516Tons2,390-35-38-60103-34,7100.117.3
Saudi Arabia 5775770.3235Tons2,455-34-35-5164.7215,5660.15
Switzerland 4424420.3203Tons2,177-33-32-82141.713,9150.191.8
Czech Republic 1951950.185Tons2,294222290.5152,3870.1317.3
United Kingdom          55.4-210,3510.2317.3
China          7439,5940.5815
Poland          93.5123,0680.2617.3
Netherlands          112.913,1990.217.3
Australia          131.8-45,4250.470
United Arab Emirates          151.635,0480.115
Canada          161.4310,3010.160
Indonesia          171.2497,6750.225
Austria          181.1-34,5040.117.3
Singapore          191-46,7370.280
Ireland          201114,1990.3517.3
Sweden          21111,1040.2517.3
Kuwait          220.92810,0790.35
Sources: ITC calculations based on Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos statistics.
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