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List of importing markets for a product exported by Russian FederationMetadata

Product: 4403 Wood in the rough, whether or not stripped of bark or sapwood, or roughly squared (excluding ...

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Bilateral 4 digitsImporters20132014201520162017
exported quantity, Cubic metersexported quantity, Cubic metersexported quantity, Cubic metersexported quantity, Cubic metersexported quantity, Cubic meterssortOrderDESC
World 19,047,12220,910,44819,440,64420,065,278No Quantity
Finland 5,693,3685,799,7695,613,8435,736,8495,077,220
Sweden 870,048845,033645,347400,803411,062
Kazakhstan 207,388204,764328,117248,632304,352
Japan 251,307231,449142,298208,265154,410
Uzbekistan 303,475346,806262,844185,556121,191
Germany 65,776158,257216,868173,671100,202
Ukraine 11,4687,6236,5489,63586,008
Romania 461387,73050,27575,323
Korea, Republic of 869,358497,268151,70219,72964,168
Belarus 4,81714,09031,94929,74442,473
Latvia 14,97585,68691,066114,83730,578
Poland  49,99957,45633,51924,389
Lithuania 64429,46723,10123,847
Turkey 10,4316,08619,13432,39623,222
Iran, Islamic Republic of 1,5981,8594,48015,34010,584
Turkmenistan 14,99323,77019,2898,3117,504
Kyrgyzstan 2,7341,3711,8682,8644,377
Tajikistan 16,33012,3219,0253,7992,716
Kuwait    8312,322
Mongolia 1,1561,3581511,2841,347
Czech Republic 1,6561,5449271,2861,236
Azerbaijan 1724591,6901,7381,009
Armenia 67821,195485999
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of 3,80020,75729,38448576
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE statistics since January, 2017.
               ITC calculations based on Federal Customs Service of Russia statistics since January, 2016 and until January, 2017.
               ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE statistics until January, 2016.
The quantities shown in light green are estimated by UNSD. For further information, please refer to the UNSD explanatory note.
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