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List of importers for the selected product

Product: 7103 Precious stones and semi-precious stones, whether or not worked or graded, but not strung, ...

Unit : US Dollar thousand
Time Period (number of columns) :  
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HS4ImportersImported value in 2019Imported value in 2020Imported value in 2021Imported value in 2022sortOrderDESCImported value in 2023
World 8,511,6484,741,4629,102,81815,670,402 
China 559,244365,6041,513,1174,584,9661,250,483
India 1,228,744493,2501,695,9713,398,097 
United States of America 1,742,874885,1391,109,6062,245,1472,575,436
Hong Kong, China 1,280,9321,076,4701,745,1561,635,8452,360,521
Thailand 620,686320,724425,278803,2541,189,373
Switzerland 811,973454,637675,436644,032864,664
France 297,271183,996277,587434,076603,068
Italy 495,307232,898450,180390,473487,827
United Arab Emirates 251,589125,833165,945300,318 
United Kingdom 196,70897,316207,393249,585206,422
Singapore 300,87659,843196,714192,186176,693
Germany 138,01471,11185,489158,937142,442
Japan 136,472118,418127,483123,151180,103
Israel 49,10436,18478,29165,908 
Australia 47,17625,28633,96856,48169,670
Belgium 37,52821,52350,88152,42834,820
Canada 19,62914,21824,45428,06227,735
Russian Federation 18,19515,36726,28425,458 
Armenia 14,4885,8929,53918,825 
Spain 13,8979,10812,30818,41418,166
Equatorial Guinea    18,333 
Pitcairn    17,324 
Malaysia 25,36612,02915,52616,79117,038
Taipei, Chinese 21,17515,83722,44016,72418,490
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE and ITC statistics.
The world aggregation represents the sum of reporting and non reporting countries
Data based on the partner reported data (Mirror data) are shown in orange
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