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List of importing markets for the product exported by Turkmenistan in 2018 (Mirror)Metadata

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Turkmenistan's exports represent 0.1% of world exports for this product, its ranking in world exports is 90
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Value exported in 2018 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2018 (USD thousand)Share in Turkmenistan's exports (%)Growth in exported value between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Growth in exported value between 2017-2018 (%, p.a.)Ranking of partner countries in world importsShare of partner countries in world imports (%)Total imports growth in value of partner countries between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Average distance between partner countries and all their supplying markets (km)Concentration of all supplying countries of partner countriesAverage tariff (estimated) faced by Turkmenistan (%)
Total10,251,0937,463,887100-719 1002
China 8,119,3707,802,59179.2-523210.836,3260.05
Afghanistan 770,834768,8697.513 880.08182,4950.1
Turkey 260,995-206,2072.5-19-35251.104,3300.04
Georgia 174,465135,3531.721461090.0512,8760.06
Russian Federation 155,203-133,6281.51384231.2-14,1040.08
Ukraine 144,40887,4581.46962490.343,0900.07
Cyprus 112,506112,4381.1 4,6611000.0583,9150.06
Azerbaijan 109,35285,5521.181-1960.0643,7490.07
Greece 57,16653,0860.613128470.332,8080.05
Italy 52,98914,3880.5-39-62112.522,8120.06
Tajikistan 46,57745,9880.5-22-51510.02-82,9640.17
United Arab Emirates 44,940-213,6380.4-1255201.3-35,7400.05
India 33,391-8,3140.34123102.635,8470.05
Armenia 27,45824,3830.31531691390.0253,4120.1
Lebanon 21,38821,3880.297657,626760.1-14,0640.04
Pakistan 17,99617,1980.247480.384,5210.09
Kazakhstan 12,892-73,7580.1-38-71670.2-53,3900.18
United States of America 11,987-18,9160.1-22-18113.327,7880.09
Moldova, Republic of 10,95410,4000.1116218,9801310.0342,2010.08
Iran, Islamic Republic of 9,299-390,5060.1-37-27590.2-24,1300.1
Bulgaria 9,1257,3760.1-26-8620.232,0070.05
Brazil 5,707-13,7730.1413-3300.9-610,7190.08
Belarus 4,594-18,3930424610.201,9070.36
France 4,579-88,0280-30-963.313,1170.06
The quantities shown in light green are estimated by UNSD. For further information, please refer to the UNSD explanatory note.
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