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List of products at 2 digits level exported by Chile in 2022Metadata

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HS4CodeProduct label
Value exported in 2022 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2022 (USD thousand)Annual growth in value between 2018-2022 (%, p.a.)Annual growth in value between 2021-2022 (%, p.a.)Annual growth of world imports between 2018-2022 (%, p.a.)Share in world exports (%)Ranking in world exportsAverage distance of importing countries (km)Concentration of importing countries
TOTAL All products102,625,791-6,639,84291070.44113,9950.18
26 Ores, slag and ash27,248,26726,605,95510-13148.4317,7390.44
74 Copper and articles thereof21,556,28821,394,2558-7119.9114,4130.24
28 Inorganic chemicals; organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, . . .10,391,7168,013,01338334134.5616,8030.4
08 Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons8,029,3627,703,36582455.7412,8800.16
03 Fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates7,457,8257,333,73652955.1510,6880.21
44 Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal3,106,1882,811,20651781.7189,9540.28
47 Pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulosic material; recovered (waste and scrap) paper or . . .2,821,2172,782,220-5434.8717,0020.41
99 Commodities not elsewhere specified2,460,6412,244,01143670.219  
22 Beverages, spirits and vinegar1,934,1811,133,279-1-351.31811,7870.07
02 Meat and edible meat offal1,724,349-373,2211520812113,0390.18
84 MetadataNuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof1,702,434-9,034,72824540.1527,6750.19
71 Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad . . .1,272,1801,121,631-5-3110.15310,9440.54
27 Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral . . .1,095,330-27,201,47628138120917,7970.13
31 Fertilisers1,062,074189,2321982220.8266,1880.14
20 Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants824,518396,08262351.1198,7980.12
72 Iron and steel728,737-1,524,9471215100.1586,3850.28
48 Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard604,214-891,87222150.3426,7890.07
88 Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof574,824271,4574514-100.4287,1450.25
29 Organic chemicals541,724-1,019,811152570.1485,9790.47
12 Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruit; industrial or medicinal . . .493,039309,570334130.33013,0520.13
85 MetadataElectrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television . . .489,598-8,133,034142870716,4070.2
23 Residues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal fodder469,937-1,208,20934100.43314,0810.17
39 Plastics and articles thereof453,575-2,942,0442-370.1654,1760.12
86 Railway or tramway locomotives, rolling stock and parts thereof; railway or tramway track fixtures . . .448,379212,859-23320.91812,4450.22
Sources: ITC calculations based on Dirección Nacional de Aduanas statistics.
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