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List of importing markets for the product exported by Latvia in 2017Metadata

Product: TOTAL All products

Latvia's exports represent 0.1% of world exports for this product, its ranking in world exports is 80
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Value exported in 2017 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2017 (USD thousand)Share in Latvia's exports (%)Growth in exported value between 2013-2017 (%, p.a.)Growth in exported value between 2016-2017 (%, p.a.)Ranking of partner countries in world importsShare of partner countries in world imports (%)Total imports growth in value of partner countries between 2013-2017 (%, p.a.)Average distance between partner countries and all their supplying markets (km)Concentration of all supplying countries of partner countriesAverage tariff (estimated) faced by Latvia (%)
World 12,894,802-2,991,466100-212 100-3
Lithuania 2,164,873-784,46116.8-34620.2-51,5620.06
Estonia 1,491,390272,66911.6-48800.10-52,2140.06
Russian Federation 1,177,749-4,2849.1-1034221.3-104,2490.07
Germany 944,462-856,6797.3-21536.6-23,1720.04
Sweden 805,154319,0056.2317300.9-22,0340.07
United Kingdom 672,689314,4915.26553.6-13,6220.06
Poland 586,964-852,7404.6-12-1251.202,8820.08
Denmark 559,011204,6154.315350.5-32,1350.08
Netherlands 340,038-301,6482.644102.5-53,4810.07
United States of America 323,951134,2212.51787113.507,8050.09
Norway 291,818231,4282.3-610370.5-33,5090.06
Finland 263,510-427,1992-716420.4-42,6670.07
France 212,314-92,4231.61763.4-33,0980.06
Czech Republic 206,083-55,7891.6529280.922,6500.1
Italy 203,177-313,3891.622792.5-32,8010.06
Turkey 198,62492,4451.5216211.3-34,2190.04
Belgium 191,051-84,8461.5140142.3-52,7240.07
Belarus 168,784-103,9391.3-1442590.2-81,9460.33
China 150,529-348,3161.2614210.3-36,2940.05
Spain 146,168-95,0571.192315203,8150.05
Ukraine 128,721-41,6971131510.3-113,0530.06
United Arab Emirates 118,528112,5950.94737171.5-35,8660.06
Uzbekistan 88,75379,6110.716-6880.07-53,3670.13
Saudi Arabia 85,33784,8500.73824320.7-76,0440.06
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE statistics.
The quantities shown in light green are estimated by UNSD. For further information, please refer to the UNSD explanatory note.
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