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List of services exported by Malaysia

Service: S - All services

Unit : US Dollar thousand
Time Period (number of columns) :  
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 CodeService labelExported Value in 2015Exported Value in 2016Exported Value in 2017Exported Value in 2018Exported Value in 2019sortOrderDESC
S All services34,937,19835,600,53337,115,78640,153,90540,883,105
SOX Memo item: Commercial services34,841,90035,512,65837,022,38840,077,16640,808,149
4 Travel17,666,47218,085,33118,385,25719,607,14919,814,842
10 Other business services5,586,1895,757,0856,014,4406,644,2717,064,656
3 Transport4,198,9734,159,7454,484,5225,065,4155,211,491
9 Telecommunications, computer, and information services2,656,3792,575,9322,680,3192,822,7322,950,678
1 Manufacturing services on physical inputs owned by others2,161,3132,276,6982,498,7662,871,8112,856,120
5 Construction1,023,4111,001,528950,916863,103637,577
7 Financial services336,054491,723536,001605,911637,382
11 Personal, cultural, and recreational services382,574367,170471,473500,883570,670
2 Maintenance and repair services n.i.e.370,327362,061423,128516,261499,065
6 Insurance and pension services371,535320,798291,130312,272344,229
8 Charges for the use of intellectual property n.i.e.88,671114,586286,436267,358221,439
12 Government goods and services n.i.e.95,29887,87593,39876,73874,957
Sources: ITC, UNCTAD, WTO trade in services database based on:
               International Monetary Fund statistics.
The values shown in light green are estimated by UNCTAD, WTO and ITC.
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