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Bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and Singapore in 2018

Product: TOTAL All products

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HS4Product CodeProduct Label
Sri Lanka's imports from SingaporeSingapore's exports to worldSri Lanka's imports from world
Value in 2018, USD thousandsortOrderDESCAnnual growth in value between 2014-2018, %, p.a.Share in Sri Lanka's imports, %Equivalent ad valorem tariff applied by Sri LankaValue in 2018, USD thousandAnnual growth in value between 2014-2018, %, p.a.Share in world exports, %Value in 2018, USD thousandAnnual growth in value between 2014-2018, %, p.a.Share in world imports, %
TOTAL All products1,784,01139 411,741,7470220,180,15500
27 Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral . . .911,6460363554,037,588-422,509,47510
84 Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers; parts thereof209,594-213558,717,322231,651,36720
71 Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad . . .175,7175221017,005,756-23831,048320
85 Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television . . .144,1835117128,744,989151,322,93580
39 Plastics and articles thereof33,070-44615,947,34102748,33030
90 Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, precision, medical or surgical . . .33,002012119,203,46153268,81450
99 Commodities not elsewhere specified30,318816 26,440,998-35193,37440
38 Miscellaneous chemical products21,162-3916,354,83673226,71740
29 Organic chemicals20,711-710016,896,246-24202,55460
87 Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories thereof19,64091273,725,255-401,967,10000
32 Tanning or dyeing extracts; tannins and their derivatives; dyes, pigments and other colouring . . .17,92211281,484,80832144,92420
48 Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard16,44554111,540,09801453,71810
54 Man-made filaments; strip and the like of man-made textile materials11,516430235,931-20396,06731
19 Preparations of cereals, flour, starch or milk; pastrycooks' products10,937-624191,637,1690246,46400
33 Essential oils and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations8,625-410188,365,61117685,43430
21 Miscellaneous edible preparations8,4492315174,981,64422657,98370
82 Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of base metal; parts thereof of base metal8,163181431,024,434-3157,28740
72 Iron and steel7,635-5151,853,923-50607,195100
22 Beverages, spirits and vinegar7,633-11121562,898,1820263,83050
88 Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof6,923-19207,377,05454306,335-430
30 Pharmaceutical products6,79113208,352,70621366,52650
23 Residues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal fodder6,39313413251,72230158,48160
73 Articles of iron or steel6,139-142162,471,151-81376,87040
08 Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons5,686-26629117,030-12099,282-30
Sources: ITC calculations based on IE Singapore statistics.
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