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List of importing markets for the product exported by Zambia in 2018Metadata

Product: 2603 Copper ores and concentrates

Zambia's exports represent 0% of world exports for this product, its ranking in world exports is 51
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Bilateral trade at 4-digitImporters
Value exported in 2018 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2018 (USD thousand)Share in Zambia's exports (%)Quantity exported in 2018Quantity unitUnit value (USD/unit)Growth in exported value between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Growth in exported quantity between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Growth in exported value between 2017-2018 (%, p.a.)Ranking of partner countries in world importsShare of partner countries in world imports (%)Total imports growth in value of partner countries between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Average distance between partner countries and all their supplying markets (km)Concentration of all supplying countries of partner countriesAverage tariff (estimated) faced by Zambia (%)
World 2,382-1,069,31010010,311Tons231-52-24-57 1006
China 1,9121,91280.38,635Tons221-16-9-58150.71313,4310.180
Singapore 1461466.1669Tons218-44-36 510-2412,6170.650
India 1161164.989Tons1,303  41354.2-1312,5700.280
Switzerland 1091094.6325Tons335-48-32-87600-545910.430
United States of America 55252.3336Tons164   230.2111,4500.530
Mauritius 31311.3156Tons199        0
South Africa 12-5460.5101Tons119-34-4-92450-612,5270.770
Congo, Democratic Republic of the  -1,071,104       480-302,71815
Japan          215.3112,0730.220
Korea, Republic of          36.3212,4650.180
Spain          45.548,9380.180
Germany          63.6-210,3530.150
Bulgaria          72.963,2410.370
Finland          91.108,7200.220
Brazil          101.1-73,2710.52
Philippines          111.1578,5050.213
Mexico          120.9553,1180.490
Russian Federation          130.8435,8620.520
Sweden          140.7-47,3110.360
Taipei, Chinese          150.791613,6790.150
Georgia          160.6253,3590.530
Namibia          170.5148,2300.490
Poland          180.5-79,6160.640
Canada          190.535,0980.230
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE statistics.
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