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List of importers for the selected product

Product: 3827 Mixtures containing halogenated derivatives of methane, ethane or propane, n.e.s.

The product code selected above has been created in the 2022 HS revision.
Unit : US Dollar thousand
Time Period (number of columns) :  
Rows per page
HS4ImportersImported value in 2019Imported value in 2020Imported value in 2021Imported value in 2022sortOrderDESCImported value in 2023
World   3271,389,647 
Italy 000109,858158,488
United States of America 000101,792108,138
Thailand 00082,87337,503
Egypt 00079,241 
Korea, Republic of 00072,09154,855
Germany 00063,167118,306
France 00060,14392,618
Türkiye 00054,09133,243
Canada 00054,07543,024
Brazil 00048,26324,387
Netherlands 00043,29238,749
Spain 00042,73568,761
Indonesia 00040,478 
Japan 00039,04429,193
Russian Federation 00038,114 
Saudi Arabia 0014433,094 
United Arab Emirates 00028,814 
India 00026,714 
United Kingdom 00025,60133,956
Malaysia 00024,93911,258
Belgium 00023,65332,083
Singapore 00017,71211,722
Czech Republic 00017,05936,460
Israel 00016,176 
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE and ITC statistics.
The world aggregation represents the sum of reporting and non reporting countries
Data based on the partner reported data (Mirror data) are shown in orange
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