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List of services imported by Liberia

Service: S - All services

Unit : US Dollar thousand
Time Period (number of columns) :  
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 CodeService labelImported Value in 2018Imported Value in 2019Imported Value in 2020Imported Value in 2021Imported Value in 2022sortOrderDESC
S All services204,344309,962319,817282,057293,062
SOX Memo item: Commercial services200,110217,457224,371197,880205,600
3 Transport     
4 Travel 5,728   
6 Insurance and pension services 36,36338,262  
10 Other business services     
12 Government goods and services n.i.e.4,23492,50595,446  
Sources: IMF, UNSD, Eurostat, UNCTAD and WTO statistics.
The values shown in light green are estimated by UNCTAD and WTO.
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