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List of importers for the selected product

Product: 8524 Flat panel display modules, whether or not incorporating touch-sensitive screens

The product code selected above has been removed from the 2007 HS revision.
The product code selected above has been created in the 2022 HS revision.
Unit : US Dollar thousand
Time Period (number of columns) :  
Rows per page
HS4ImportersImported value in 2019Imported value in 2020Imported value in 2021Imported value in 2022sortOrderDESCImported value in 2023
World 1,5666612264,449,682 
China 00039,823,44437,695,179
Hong Kong, China 00011,043,17710,071,387
Korea, Republic of 0002,791,0322,768,973
India 0001,498,605 
Japan 0001,380,5361,543,153
Germany 0001,369,9772,300,784
Slovakia 0001,219,2121,338,249
United States of America 0001,114,8841,430,341
Brazil 000838,0111,184,719
Türkiye 000456,178921,100
Malaysia 000346,739382,677
Russian Federation 000244,717 
Portugal 000193,294192,757
South Africa 000164,096176,589
Bangladesh    158,617 
Iran, Islamic Republic of 000158,542 
Italy 000136,980164,304
Czech Republic 000128,938317,154
Belgium 000128,337151,220
Singapore 000101,406144,718
Indonesia 00096,807 
Netherlands 00088,138258,183
United Kingdom 00073,519110,479
France 00069,855119,368
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE and ITC statistics.
The world aggregation represents the sum of reporting and non reporting countries
Data based on the partner reported data (Mirror data) are shown in orange
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