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List of services imported by Austria

Service: S - All services

Unit : US Dollar thousand
Time Period (number of columns) :  
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 CodeService labelImported Value in 2016Imported Value in 2017Imported Value in 2018Imported Value in 2019Imported Value in 2020sortOrderDESC
S All services49,755,29555,657,13263,975,84965,345,96655,900,220
SOX Memo item: Commercial services49,649,03255,544,16463,860,11565,226,18255,768,867
10 Other business services11,521,75513,182,25015,393,74216,095,80516,092,401
3 Transport14,781,58416,459,45518,178,43318,219,44815,911,934
9 Telecommunications, computer, and information services4,377,8025,038,3786,779,8607,366,1427,717,819
4 Travel9,740,74710,680,00611,831,98311,602,2344,889,742
1 Manufacturing services on physical inputs owned by others2,165,1022,339,5702,880,3482,921,8282,767,541
7 Financial services1,895,0182,220,9532,292,2332,281,4892,567,657
8 Charges for the use of intellectual property n.i.e.1,466,6471,658,3721,868,2702,088,9391,562,524
11 Personal, cultural, and recreational services1,302,8251,375,9521,564,7651,625,4771,530,543
2 Maintenance and repair services n.i.e.689,601798,6851,195,1261,147,461994,853
6 Insurance and pension services1,021,6721,044,9551,090,0211,083,651981,146
5 Construction686,280744,460784,154792,588750,423
12 Government goods and services n.i.e.106,263112,968115,734119,784131,353
SN Services not allocated   1,1202,285
Sources: ITC, UNCTAD, WTO trade in services database based on:
               Eurostat statistics.
The values shown in light green are estimated by UNCTAD, WTO and ITC.
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