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List of importing markets for the product exported by Ukraine in 2018Metadata

Product: 44 Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal

Ukraine's exports represent 1% of world exports for this product, its ranking in world exports is 27
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Bilateral trade at 4-digitImporters
Value exported in 2018 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2018 (USD thousand)Share in Ukraine's exports (%)Growth in exported value between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Growth in exported value between 2017-2018 (%, p.a.)Ranking of partner countries in world importsShare of partner countries in world imports (%)Total imports growth in value of partner countries between 2014-2018 (%, p.a.)Average distance between partner countries and all their supplying markets (km)Concentration of all supplying countries of partner countriesAverage tariff (estimated) faced by Ukraine (%)
World 1,493,5821,199,192100424 1002
Poland 267,481216,85417.91227161.451,2110.090.2
Romania 122,16588,7918.2024300.6141,4930.080.2
Germany 121,73896,1348.282145.6-11,8550.070.2
Turkey 108,183103,6177.2-6-21320.5-144,1880.081.2
China 85,27666,0795.7-6140116.248,0360.082.1
Hungary 82,61776,1495.5917420.467360.090.2
Italy 80,40075,2775.482963.211,7990.10.2
Austria 59,39053,03041326102.355930.210.2
Czech Republic 38,61036,5582.61031250.837470.140.2
Moldova, Republic of 37,27237,1102.554790.0861,1320.170
Slovakia 36,95335,7992.5150390.465650.160.2
Lithuania 35,63034,2622.419330.587690.140.2
Netherlands 34,08133,5322.3154382.6132,5870.090.2
Belgium 26,79020,0951.81530112.102,6610.080.2
France 22,28320,6051.516197322,2640.080.2
Russian Federation 22,242-26,2481.5-26-6370.5-122,5110.170
Spain 20,34819,0951.42222201.143,0140.090.2
India 19,52219,4151.3111483151.4-57,6640.068.9
Belarus 18,525-50,0381.2-422720.1-31,2010.420
Korea, Republic of 18,46918,4681.255-2092.535,6780.15.5
Israel 17,44317,4211.22366400.424,8290.10
Sweden 17,34416,7171.21227131.531,1180.10.2
Taipei, Chinese 15,89315,7861.1329392240.9-55,9040.091.3
Serbia 14,64012,79211914600.298980.13.1
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE statistics.
The quantities shown in light green are estimated by UNSD. For further information, please refer to the UNSD explanatory note.
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