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List of products at 2 digits level exported in 2022

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HS4CodeProduct label
Value exported in 2022 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2022 (USD thousand)Annual growth in value between 2018-2022 (%, p.a.)Annual growth in value between 2021-2022 (%, p.a.)Annual growth of world imports between 2018-2022 (%, p.a.)Average distance of importing countries (km)Concentration of importing countries
TOTAL All products24,611,158,478-759,488,83071174,7750.04
27 Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral . . .3,641,079,103-616,588,2951251124,2020.04
85 Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television . . .3,428,993,064-277,726,6537174,4040.06
84 Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof2,576,010,899-106,430,4384445,0720.06
87 Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories thereof1,632,968,542-6,681,5201914,5070.06
99 Commodities not elsewhere specified1,004,640,545450,610,6482497  
71 Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad . . .917,202,268-16,924,828107115,5070.07
30 Pharmaceutical products877,846,380-41,795,511126114,5460.06
39 Plastics and articles thereof821,377,194-6,330,3208274,0020.04
90 Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, precision, medical or surgical . . .663,707,650-13,740,7603-245,1920.06
72 Iron and steel572,895,376-17,726,684112103,8730.03
29 Organic chemicals541,008,495-75,731,47261174,7480.05
73 Articles of iron or steel406,792,40116,996,67971354,5000.04
26 Ores, slag and ash323,344,869-50,008,08314-15149,4170.34
94 Furniture; bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furnishings; . . .308,510,35518,943,3206-555,3010.08
38 Miscellaneous chemical products299,778,461-10,096,244116114,4150.04
61 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, knitted or crocheted296,029,26332,821,7596855,9550.07
76 Aluminium and articles thereof279,196,2112,440,1901116104,0840.04
62 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, not knitted or crocheted255,341,71426,628,92421015,7700.06
28 Inorganic chemicals; organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, . . .228,663,91715,9271341135,3410.04
40 Rubber and articles thereof218,494,862-17,139,9055-465,1530.05
74 Copper and articles thereof217,819,459-12,896,81011-2115,1670.09
48 Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard212,133,063-933,53751453,2620.03
44 Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal182,839,679-10,988,3577-284,0180.06
10 Cereals178,564,188-19,277,2801417155,6880.03
Sources: ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE and ITC statistics.
The data aggregated are mirror and direct data: the values are shown in purple.
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