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Bilateral trade between Russian Federation and China in 2022

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Russian Federation's exports to ChinaChina's imports from worldRussian Federation's exports to world
Value in 2022, USD thousandsortOrderDESCAnnual growth in value between 2018-2022, %, p.a.Share in Russian Federation's exports, %Equivalent ad valorem tariff faced by Russian FederationValue in 2022, USD thousandAnnual growth in value between 2018-2022, %, p.a.Share in world imports, %Value in 2022, USD thousandAnnual growth in value between 2018-2022, %, p.a.Share in world exports, %
27 Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; bituminous substances; mineral . . .85,378,13818242535,339,7031113356,473,74789
26 Ores, slag and ash3,640,31627680224,716,35016605,342,696152
44 Wood and articles of wood; wood charcoal3,597,636-639222,188,341-1129,203,864-15
74 Copper and articles thereof2,944,3932240368,705,24113307,335,433133
03 Fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates2,753,883435718,782,8029137,838,80675
72 Iron and steel1,897,8011658443,662,13522823,505,82664
71 Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad . . .1,610,0944593103,700,970141218,487,787162
76 Aluminium and articles thereof1,374,8889113611,685,86821410,225,04544
15 Animal, vegetable or microbial fats and oils and their cleavage products; prepared edible fats; . . .1,293,98936241115,349,0311885,500,100323
47 Pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulosic material; recovered (waste and scrap) paper or . . .1,260,728476022,485,685-1321,658,32113
75 Nickel and articles thereof1,155,562-223312,744,92023274,979,552812
31 Fertilisers1,040,367155224,954,09210320,649,2762116
48 Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard862,758483156,978,837832,821,76661
12 Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruit; industrial or medicinal . . .729,6691550368,605,06214421,454,333181
28 Inorganic chemicals; organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, . . .706,0311911525,924,14323116,245,31543
40 Rubber and articles thereof609,31619211118,553,388482,956,611-11
39 Plastics and articles thereof602,2662314775,188,948294,166,294221
02 Meat and edible meat offal554,889575681530,879,4412919817,588680
23 Residues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal fodder314,752341377,441,8782062,416,249212
29 Organic chemicals257,34679558,074,470-292,727,618-51
25 Salt; sulphur; earths and stone; plastering materials, lime and cement190,0981217316,635,65318211,146,35302
84 Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof186,252-855218,935,151483,827,114-30
08 Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons179,61952581516,637,4171711307,776380
88 Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof154,3601142212,488,648-207366,096-210
85 Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television . . .135,0521863606,480,3646162,426,55200
Sources: ITC calculations based on General Customs Administration of China statistics.
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