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List of supplying markets for the product imported by Korea, Republic of in 2022

Product: 08 Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons

Korea, Republic of's imports represent 1.2% of world imports for this product, its ranking in world imports is 17
The average distance of supplying countries is 9768 km and the market concentration is 0.18
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Bilateral trade at 4-digitExporters
Value imported in 2022 (USD thousand)sortOrderDESCTrade balance 2022 (USD thousand)Share in Korea, Republic of's imports (%)Growth in imported value between 2018-2022 (%, p.a.)Growth in imported value between 2021-2022 (%, p.a.)Ranking of partner countries in world exportsShare of partner countries in world exports (%)Total exports growth in value of partner countries between 2018-2022 (%, p.a.)Average distance between partner countries and all their importing markets (km)Concentration of all importing countries of partner countriesAverage tariff (estimated) applied by Korea, Republic of (%)
World 1,740,499-1,526,182100-1-8 1004
United States of America 606,430-563,68134.8-6-23111.106,9680.118.1
Philippines 275,248-270,44415.8-61191.4-44,6940.231.2
Chile 188,297-187,76510.82-246812,8800.1632.7
Peru 163,398-163,3989.4111993.5138,8610.2224.3
New Zealand 160,774-159,9089.2176161.849,8800.1340.5
Viet Nam 89,359-58,3525.12528103.557,0070.1629.7
China 49,828-36,8382.931574.113,9770.0943.2
Thailand 48,863-36,8932.82-664.2212,9690.7331.2
Australia 44,754-43,3822.622-18221.318,3270.1639.3
Colombia 16,257-16,2570.9281-31390.3-147,4380.2237.2
Ecuador 11,189-11,1890.6-23-18132.939,6840.146.6
South Africa 10,214-10,2140.6-1030113.369,2940.0946.6
Türkiye 9,965-9,9650.67-1483.762,8520.0844.8
Guatemala 9,508-9,4350.5-159251.143,2250.8246.6
Mexico 7,755-7,7550.4-21-3736.982,2730.7846.6
Costa Rica 6,995-6,9950.4360171.716,7330.2146.6
Canada 6,729-1,3370.483103300.783,3090.5334.5
Indonesia 5,809-1,0190.3-12-33320.605,1220.0931.2
Brazil 5,108-5,1070.3-19290.738,2570.1846.6
Israel 4,609-4,5270.3-367330.583,7650.1346.6
Taipei, Chinese 2,94623,9340.2-2-36850.06-132,2040.3246.6
Poland 2,591-2,5910.14634241.261,2010.0820.2
Spain 2,536-2,5190.1-189727.621,5910.1320.2
Egypt 1,510-1,5100.1898219211.473,4370.0646.6
Sources: ITC calculations based on Korea Customs and Trade Development Institute (KCTDI) statistics.
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