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List of services imported by El Salvador

Service: S - All services

Unit : US Dollar thousand
Time Period (number of columns) :  
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 CodeService labelImported Value in 2016Imported Value in 2017Imported Value in 2018Imported Value in 2019Imported Value in 2020sortOrderDESC
S All services1,741,3461,823,8441,947,4351,995,0921,452,931
SOX Memo item: Commercial services1,715,3481,803,5301,923,4581,966,2631,426,532
3 Transport626,095649,269718,389717,179588,305
7 Financial services140,012170,593152,921177,260211,411
6 Insurance and pension services153,291157,442208,337210,517175,858
4 Travel411,761418,495442,946471,474142,022
8 Charges for the use of intellectual property n.i.e.136,774138,32288,99497,69297,726
10 Other business services92,77393,564107,09187,31476,172
2 Maintenance and repair services n.i.e.45,07184,474115,551141,39471,080
9 Telecommunications, computer, and information services48,42453,18951,12855,59457,561
12 Government goods and services n.i.e.25,99820,31423,97828,82826,399
5 Construction59,29036,37236,2646,2145,815
11 Personal, cultural, and recreational services1,8561,8091,8351,624580
Sources: ITC, UNCTAD, WTO trade in services database based on:
               International Monetary Fund statistics.
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