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List of products exported by Somalia

Unit : US Dollar thousand
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HS4CodeProduct labelExported value in 2017Exported value in 2018Exported value in 2019Exported value in 2020Exported value in 2021sortOrderDESC
TOTAL All products426,263488,735418,037295,938165,839
01 Live animals220,042218,59590,07869,42242,781
12 Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruit; industrial or medicinal . . .5,75020,05043,41722,60831,111
13 Lac; gums, resins and other vegetable saps and extracts27,14737,18836,18526,73129,838
03 Fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates30,71438,52136,15326,99811,123
48 Paper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard131,8643,8788,991
72 Iron and steel1252891343828,608
89 Ships, boats and floating structures4,4322,92223,3187,047
85 Electrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television . . .2,2936,6646,1943,0063,995
15 Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their cleavage products; prepared edible fats; animal . . .7271,5043,2416,3293,686
08 Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons18,1948,2019,70510,5463,413
41 Raw hides and skins (other than furskins) and leather5,1564,9313,5572,3052,953
84 Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers; parts thereof1,2511,6544891,0372,437
74 Copper and articles thereof5382,1571,0993751,648
33 Essential oils and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations9642,0831,8011,9691,490
88 Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof2383898553321,074
71 Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, metals clad . . .100,308128,065174,415111,402784
11 Products of the milling industry; malt; starches; inulin; wheat gluten69563227441533
23 Residues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal fodder1 10 524
94 Furniture; bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furnishings; . . .2183,4442501
97 Works of art, collectors' pieces and antiques7441134457
10 Cereals8372717287
76 Aluminium and articles thereof208203420185283
99 Commodities not elsewhere specified1151066070228
78 Lead and articles thereof4646615 203
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